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Week Four Song – Metal Mayhem.mp3

A metal tune for ya – consisting of rhythm and lead guitars, drums and bass guitar.

Metal Mayhem.mp3

Week Three Lesson – Arpeggiating Chords

This one is tough! It combines a fast arpeggio like riff, with hybrid AND economy picking. Since I’ve explained hybrid picking I’ll talk about economy picking. Normally for fast riffs, you use alternate picking (up and down strokes alternating). However, in some cases for extreme speed (like sweep picking) it’s fast and cleaner to use 2 or more of the same stroke in a row, eg. 2 downstrokes or 2 upstrokes. So you can think of economy picking like a subset of sweep picking although it’s usually used in terms of scales (like 3 note per string licks or scales).

You’ll notice mostly chord tones which are the root, major 3rd, 5th, and minor 7th. I also added some chromatics between the minor 7th and root, and also some bluesy influences with a minor and major 3rd added, as well as the 9th. You’ll also notice that I don’t start any arpeggio on the root, usually the minor 7th or major 3rd.

Here’s the tab: Week Three Lesson – Arpeggiating Chord

Watch the downstrokes, upstrokes, hammer-ons, pull-offs and hybrid (ring finger) as well as economy picking (multiple downstrokes/upstrokes). A lot to absorb!

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Week Three Song – Blues for John.mp3

A new blues tune dedicated to my bro. Enjoy.

Blues For John.mp3

PS. Even a day early. ;o)

Week Two Song – War Game.mp3

Ok here’s a song that involves electronic sounding drums and bass with heavy guitars. I can see this one in a video game or something. I did this a little while again – but sorry I ran into a problem with timing this week as I travelled back to Calgary and didn’t have my gear this weekend. I’m working on a blues rock tune for next week so come back for that.

War Game

Week Two Lesson – Hybrid Picking Bluesy Riff

Here’s the pdf with tab. Hybrid Picking Blues Riff

The tab shows typical symbols for downstrokes, upstrokes, hammer ons and pulloffs and I also add an ‘r’ above the notes that I use my ring finger for (The m/r indicates use your middle and ring finger together). You don’t have to follow this exactly, but it works for me especially at high speeds. Things you can do differently at slower speeds may not work for you when you crank up the metronome tempo. Some of you may prefer your middle finger, etc which is okay. A lot of the picking and legato techniques create its unique sound, but feel free to alter it as you see fit. If you read music or understand the theory, you’ll notice that in 2 different octaves I use a similar idea – that is the movement from the minor 3rd (D) to the major 3rd (D#) which is very typical in bluesy playing. Enjoy!

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Week One Lesson – Sweep Picking Arpeggios

I’ve also included the tab for this lesson.

You want to pick downward in one continuous pick stroke and the upward in one continuous pick stroke. Similar to playing a chord, but you need to synchronize your left and right hand so that after you pick each note, the left hand lifts off the string slightly to dampen the string and prevent it from ringing. You don’t want to hear all the notes together, but each note individually. It should feel like the pick is falling to the next string from the weight of your picking hand, especially when you play it slowly.

Note the symbols showing downstrokes and upstrokes. You can pick the highest pitched note if you want too if you can’t get the proper volume from hammering on and sliding. Some of the effect at high speeds comes from the sliding, legato effect however.

Enjoy! Feel free comment and also to post requests for specific topics in the comments section. For more in-depth look at this topic, check out this book on sweep picking.

Week One Song – “Rough Go.mp3”

Well, as promised here’s the first song in the “Song A Week Series”!

It was definitely a “Rough Go”, with me moving from Calgary to Victoria, moving into a bachelor suite, starting a new contract and trying to write a song after work! Here’s the tune (click the ‘Read more’ link to see actual link to song):

Rough Go

Video game music samples

Here’s a tune I did recently when applying to write music for a video game (Click ‘Read more’ link to see actual links).

War Game

Older Lessons – prior to July 2007

This page has the lessons that were on the previous version of the site. All my previous (and new) videos on YouTube can be found here. (You can click ‘More from this user’ to see my other videos at YouTube). For my ‘Lesson A Week’ Project, click here.

These lessons have an old menu from my previous site design and open in a new window so you don’t lose where you are in this area!

The major scales lesson tab in pdf is here.

The blues progression lesson & tab is here.

The pentatonic lesson & tab is here.

The basic chords lesson & tab is here.

The metal riffs/palm muting tab is here in gif format.

The bar chords lesson is here.