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Will on Internet Radio

Ceejay, a podcaster went to the Highland Games and used my song Kerry’s Jig on her show which currently is all about Celtic Rock.

Now Taking First 100 Private Students Who Sign Up!

I’ve set up a new site to help you learn guitar step by step. It also is highly interactive with students able to submit videos and get feedback from coaches. I’m only taking 100 students at this time to ensure a quality experience. Check out this video:

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Are You Making These Practice Mistakes?

How do you practice guitar? Do you stick to one thing, practice it until you have it down and move on to the next exercise? Do you review previously learned material or do you forget the things you once learned?

Do you wander around the internet looking for cool lesson videos with no real plan? Or do you have a step by step plan of attack?

I’ve been helping guitar students for years via my free video lessons and website. I’ve also scoured the internet for videos, and have joined sites such as Workshop Live. But something was always missing.

A few years ago I took lessons from a jazz teacher even though I had over 20 years of experience. I realized that there were many benefits:

* exposure to new ideas and concepts
* accountability – I had to practice before the next lesson!
* kept me progressing
* challenged me to new levels of awareness and skill

While having a teacher is probably the best thing you can do to explode your progress, the potential problems with having a teacher are:

* inconvenient – might be far to drive
* teacher may be intimidating
* teacher may emphasize too much theory and analysis
* teacher may not like the same styles of music as you
* teacher may give you too many things to practice

To avoid many of the usual practice mistakes, find a good teacher. If you decide to go with a teacher (which I strongly suggest, make sure you find someone who can give you all the benefits and avoid the possible problems.

Do You Really Need a Guitar Teacher?

Here’s a great post on whether or not you need a guitar teacher.

If you’re interested in learning guitar with me online please check out Online Guitar Coaching.

I’m on Twitter

Okay guys. I broke down and finally joined Twitter. It will be to update you on the new site I am working on. You can follow me here or check out the twitter box on the bottom right of the page.

Your Feedback Requested:What Topics Do You Want Me to Teach?

I’m looking for your opinions as to what other topics you’d like me to teach in future lessons. Some examples could be:
-chord tone soloing
-technique (picking, sweeps, etc)
-song studies – analyze a tune, discuss the tab, etc

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Thanks!

Pentuplet Lesson

Here’s a recent pentuplet lesson I did.