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Guitar Tip: Cut Those Fingernails!

Fingernails on the fretboard can make it difficult to fret the note properly because the nail will contact the fretboard first. The tip of your finger may not be able to fret the note properly to make it sound correctly. So cut those nails regularly (and before your guitar lesson)!

After First Day of Teaching Guitar at Guitarworks

Finished my first night of teaching guitar lessons. I was a bit stressed as I was taking over existing students from a previous teacher, going to a new store, etc. I didn’t know what they were working on with the previous teacher so I was going in blind.

2 students were bassists which surprised me. But they seemed happy with my teaching. I figured out the bass part to ‘Evil Woman’ by Black Sabbath. I suggested they find a bass teacher so we’ll see what happens.

The younger kids are tough -they don’t say much, don’t know what songs or styles they like and so on. My favourite students are ones that want to understand how things work. I’m going to be going through the major scale, how to build chords from each scale degree, chord progressions and get them writing songs. For soloing I start with the CAGED system in major scale and build from there into relative minor and pentatonic scales. Along with that is learning technique. For absolute beginners I suggest they go through the Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Complete Edition: Books & CD’s 1, 2 and 3 which also gets them reading music and learning some chords.

Overall a fun and bit tiring experience. It’s cool to be teaching the next generation of guitarists and sharing my knowledge with them.

Learning Guitar Online versus a Private Teacher

Here’s a good article about Learning Guitar Online versus a Private Teacher.

I think you can do both but if you learn online there a few rare opportunities to still have a teacher while you do it. Check out Online Guitar Coaching if you’d like to learn guitar online with a real teacher giving feedback.

I’m now teaching private students at Guitarworks

Starting Tuesday, February 17, 2009 I’m going to be teaching about 60 students privately at Guitarworks in Calgary, Alberta. This should be fun and will give me lots of great stuff to blog about – typical questions, songs students want to learn and so on. I’m also going to be creating a social network on that we can all use to get to know each other and upload videos of our playing. If you want an early sneak peek it’s currently at Stay tuned!

Update: I’m finished teaching there, as I was going to move to New Brunswick in July. It was a lot of fun!

Live Webcast on Branding Yourself as a Musician

Branding is very important if you’re a band or musician. Check out this live webcast on branding at 3:30 CST.