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Free Online Service – Extract Audio From YouTube

This is great service for extracting audio from YouTube videos and can be use for transcribing tunes/performances you like on YouTube. You just cut and paste the URL of the YouTube video into a text field and press Go and you get a download link to the file after it’s processed.

Transcribing is a great way to find melodic ideas for you to use in your solos – it allows you to speak the language better than knowing scales and modes alone. After transcribing you need to understand why the notes work and how to use and tweak them for your own sound. Along with transcribing I teach the CAGED system and using chord tones as a basis for mastering the fretboard and creating melodic solos.

Free Guitar Lesson – Insane Metal Harmonics

Here’s a lesson I just did on crazy harmonics – a different way to do harmonics than my other pinch harmonics guitar lesson video.

Can You Use This Method to Get Noticed by Influential Companies?

Many smart and often influential companies are monitoring their brand online using technology such as Google Alerts. Google Alerts will send an email whenever someone mentions a company’s brand online (or any keyword they are interested in monitoring). Monitoring one’s brand in very important today.

In the twitterverse, people/companies can search for keywords they’re interested in monitoring in real time.

Armed with this knowledge we can reverse engineer the way it usually works. In addition to Google alerts telling the recipient about their company ‘mentions’, it can also be used to tell the recipient about you or your company. You can put these keywords in your websites, blog posts, You tube videos and tweets. Companies monitoring these words will be notified when they are mentioned and potentially get you some exposure.

Say you’re a independent musician and guitarist (like me) and you know the names of some companies that could possible use your guitar music or be interested in working with you in some way. Companies such as Favored Nations (record label), Electronic Arts (video game company), Fender (guitar company), Gibson (guitar company), Guitar Player (magazine) and so on. Of course this all assumes you have a good product or service!

Will’s new guest metal guitar solo

I did a guest metal guitar solo on MMO’s newly released record for the song Drunk Dial of the Year (2:42- 3:05) –

Here’s the power tab and pdf of the solo!

Check it out!