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What Makes Me A Little Money Online Today

There’s a ton of info out there, but I like to read and get real results. Whether you’re a entrepreneur, musician, have a day job or just want to make a little extra money online, it can be difficult to find something that actually makes money. You might have tried some things and have had little success. So I’m here to tell you what is working for me RIGHT NOW (I’ll be adding to this on a regular basis). Hopefully this will give you ideas for your own situation.

Definitely not a huge amount of money at this point but it’s a start. Recently I have been studying Internet Marketing with Jeff Smith and have realized how many things I’ve been doing wrong or inconsistently. I’ve rarely offered anything for sale and so it can only get better from here!

It’s good to get money from different revenue streams which include:

  • Micropayments – small digital products
  • Recurring revenues – from a membership site
  • Advertising revenues – Adsense and other ad networks
  • Affiliate products – other products in your niche. Offer them to your email list
  • Services – coaching/consulting/teaching. You might want to reduce this over time as your sales pick up since you can only do so many one-on-one meetings

Cool guitar loop pedal DL4 used in live streaming show

I was watching guitarist Matt Stevens live on the other day and I was so pumped and inspired by his playing. Not from any major technical ability but the fact that he completely accompanied himself! He used a looper pedal to record a riff in real time then he started to play melodies and improvise over his recorded chords. He uses a Line 6 DL4 pedal for this. Check it out here:

Here you can pick up the Line 6 DL4.

I’m thinking not only could you use this for live performances but for jamming and making up new tunes. It’s such a pain to crank up the sequencer software and get bogged down in the technical details of recording. That’s mostly why I don’t record songs that much!

I’m planning to pick one up myself! Go get a DL4 too and we’ll see you on tube! –

Band in A Box 2009 Review

I’ve recently upgraded my Band in a Box 2007.5 version to 2009. The main reason is that they now have a ton of real tracks to back you up instead of the old midi tracks.

These tracks sound amazing because they are WAV files of real musicians. There’s even TAB for some of the guitar parts which can help your rhythm playing. I was even more blown away by the soloist track. I generated a sax solo and it sounded amazing. I did notice repeated parts as have many choruses in my songs, but it’s also great for learning some melodic solo ideas.

I do a lot of practicing where I improvise over chord changes so having a real band behind me makes it that much more fun. In my case I’ve been doing this in the jazz style so I found out I had to purchase one of the separate real track sets called Jazz Rhythm Set 14. When I generated a real track for my tune I got an error saying the Terry Clarke Drum set was not available. It still worked but must have used a different set. Under Opt->what add-ons do I have it shows that I have a variety of real drum sets (which I don’t) – my feeling is that this is related to what the jazz rhythm set needs but doesn’t have.

It also takes a while to generate the real tracks but after the first time you can replay or freeze the track so this doesn’t happen.

You can listen to a sample I created of Just Friends