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Using the Harmonic Minor Scale (and 5th mode)

Here’s a new youtube lesson. Sign up on right to get tab to all lessons (or go to tab page if you’ve already joined).

For more info on harmonic minor check out Guitar Secrets: Harmonic Minor Revealed

For guitar fretboard mastery, and soloing over chord changes please check out Online Guitar Coaching.


Guitar Lessons by Email Now Available

You can now do email guitar lessons with me. I will custom design a lesson for you and include any video, audio, diagrams or tab that might be required. I use a step by step approach for mastering the fretboard and learning how to solo over chord changes. You master and full absorb one thing before moving on to the next which is best for learning. Details are here.

My Song on a Anti-Suicide Bomber YouTube Video

Remixed an anti-suicide bomber youtube video and added my Zanzibar remix to it. Makes it pretty intense!

New Song – Zanzibar (Remix)

I just added a new free instrumental guitar song. It’s a remix of a song by The Orientalist called Zanzibar in Dub (french).

I added 2 heavy rhythm guitars (left and right channel, fairly simple no shredding this time!) Reduced the song length and kept most of the groove sections. I was inspired after watching ‘Global Metal’ a movie about metal around the world.