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Shout Out from Tommy Lee!

Got a shout out from Tommy Lee for my solo on Louder (his collaborative public record project)! You can watch it here (Canada eh!)

My solo is here:

That is so cool!

New Guitar Solo for Tommy Lee’s Louder

A new melodic rock guitar solo for you. The song is in the key of F major.

You can see the chords and follow along at Tommy’s website

Recording Tip: Micing an Acoustic Guitar

Here’s a cool video explaining a couple of recommended mics for acoustic guitar. I use a simple USB mic that plugs into my laptop and add some reverb using software such as Reaper. Basically this one Samson CO1U USB Condenser Mic

Acoustic Jazzy Reharmonization of Swallow Me

Tommy Lee (from Motley Crue fame) has a new project where you can collaborate online. It’s called The Public Record. For you less rock/metalish types I’ve taken the melody and reharmonized it will new chords. Using the key of Db I used 7th chords, and a lot by ear. Some of the chords don’t belong in the Db major scale but give the song some unique surprises. Can you spot them?

Jamming with Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee has a new collaboration project where he’s accepting submissions from anyone! He’ll even include you in the liner notes if he uses your parts. Go to Public Record for more info. I did some guitar work on this track called Talk Me Off The Ledge. You can get the mp3 on my Songs page. Here’s my submission (with still photos):

To learn guitar online with me go Online Guitar Coaching.

Is Learning Licks Valuable?

I discuss whether learning licks is useful in a student’s development with Rob Michael, a jazz guitarist and teacher.