With my background in engineering (undergrad at University of Waterloo and Master’s at University of Calgary) and computers (diploma in object-oriented software), I’m getting to data science and deep learning now. Here’s a recent accomplishment from Coursera in computational investing from the University of Georgia. It used python programming (including pandas, numpy) as well as a local install of iPython notebook (now Jupyter).

This site shares my passions for math, engineering, computers, guitar, healthy eating and helping you share YOUR passion online and do it full time. Here’s my Github account to see the code projects I’m working on.

When YouTube came out I started a guitar teaching channel with over 1.7 million views. Then a couple years ago I started another channel that shares my recipes. It really took off! I’ve been able to make some revenue from the channels so I thought I would share with you how to do what I did so you can quit the rat race and do this full time!