Why advertise here?

Well, if you want to reach a highly targeted audience of guitarists, music junkies and all-together cool, hip young folk, you’ve come to the right place. Our site delivers regular updates of fresh content and has developed quite a following and amazingly positive comments by the visitors. However you’re not just getting exposure on this site, you can get exposure in videos, live video streams, twitter/facebook feeds, email lists and more.

Do you want to get exposure to thousands of guitarists? Are you a guitar company, a guitar gear company? A music marketing company? Do you sell other merchandise that would be desired by guitarists?

Who am I?

I’m an experienced guitarist write instrumental guitar songs but more importantly I teach guitarists how to play guitar, how to solo, or how to shred in a clear and friendly manner. I use a variety of channels using technology to access this group of guitarists. With over 730,000 YouTube views (and on many other video sites via syndication using TubeMogul), 2300+ subscribers, over 1000 email subscribers, a growing Facebok fan page, regular blog posts, daily twitter tweets, facebook status updates and most recently live video streams via, there are plently of opportunities to get in front of guitar enthusiasts!

advertise here A 125×125 ad for your business will currently require an investment of $250/month. As this is a bidding system with limited space and a month by month commitment, rates can increase at any time. If you are a current advertiser you will be notified if a higher bid for your space has been offered and given a chance to beat it. So take advantage of the low cost now!

Here you can see my Twitter ‘Klout’ which labels me as a Persona.

New! You can sponsor my tweets using Sponsored Tweets. You just have to go to the link provided and sign up through their network.

Here are some ideas on how you can market your business to a huge following of guitarists:

  • Get your brand or products in my live video streams, youtube videos – on my t-shirt, cap, video backdrop, product placements
  • Get your company’s ads/promotions on this website – eg. in the sidebar
  • Get your promotions/ads in front of my email list – your ad at the beginning of the email
  • I can tweet about your company/promotions
  • Your company’s ad in my PDF guitar lessons.

Contact me to discuss partnering opportunities and rates.