Jazz Guitar Standards – All The Things You Are Transcription

I transcribed the solo to ATTYA by Tony Greaves in his excellent Pentatonics lessons.

There are some great things to take note of such as:

-chromatic encircling of chord tone before ascending the triad (eg. Db triad over Bbm7, Eb triad over Eb7 encircling the 5th in both cases)
-Triads over Cmajor7 chord – C major triad, D major triad giving you the #11 (F#) for Lydian sound.
-pentatonic lines over the ii-V-Is (Am7-D7-Gmaj7) and F#m7-B7-Emaj7 with 5th and 4th intervals

Screen shot 2012-10-08 at 12.12.33 PM

All The Things You Are_Greaves

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