Band in A Box 2009 Review

I’ve recently upgraded my Band in a Box 2007.5 version to 2009. The main reason is that they now have a ton of real tracks to back you up instead of the old midi tracks.

These tracks sound amazing because they are WAV files of real musicians. There’s even TAB for some of the guitar parts which can help your rhythm playing. I was even more blown away by the soloist track. I generated a sax solo and it sounded amazing. I did notice repeated parts as have many choruses in my songs, but it’s also great for learning some melodic solo ideas.

I do a lot of practicing where I improvise over chord changes so having a real band behind me makes it that much more fun. In my case I’ve been doing this in the jazz style so I found out I had to purchase one of the separate real track sets called Jazz Rhythm Set 14. When I generated a real track for my tune I got an error saying the Terry Clarke Drum set was not available. It still worked but must have used a different set. Under Opt->what add-ons do I have it shows that I have a variety of real drum sets (which I don’t) – my feeling is that this is related to what the jazz rhythm set needs but doesn’t have.

It also takes a while to generate the real tracks but after the first time you can replay or freeze the track so this doesn’t happen.

You can listen to a sample I created of Just Friends

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