Baroque Improvisation

Here’s some tab of Ted Greene’s video on Baroque Improvisation part 1.

The first line is basically F#m (i) to C# (V) and B (IV). With only two notes it’s sometimes hard to tell as there are many possibilities. The second line is an ascending diatonic movement starting with F#m. The third line shows an ascending bass line (movement in the bass this time) and note the use of the melodic minor (raised 6th and 7th degrees which are D# and E#). For more on this amazing topic you can watch all Ted’s video and also sign up for my online guitar coaching program or just the Baroque improvisation course.

Try taking progressions like IV V i or ascending the diatonic scale or cycle of fourths (C G Bb Eb Ab, etc) and add your own melodies. Try moving bass lines smoothly by using triad inversions.

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