Jazz Guitar Standards – Easy To Love – Bill Evans Transcription

If you’re having trouble soloing over a certain song progression, it can be helpful to transcribe one of the jazz masters, to hear what they do. In this case I transcribed some of Bill Evans’ solo on Easy to Love. I transposed it to they key of C and adjusted some notes for the range of the guitar. Right away I noticed some fairly obvious ideas – over Dm7 you can play the minor 7 arpeggio built on the 5th (Am7) as well as a major 7 arpeggio built on the 3rd (F). Notice how the Am7 arpeggio leads to the Fmaj7 arpeggio – the E and G surround the approached F. Then the same thing is done over the Gm7. A Dm7 arp is played and then a Bbmajor7 arp (again built off of the 5th and 3rd respectively). Even the Cmaj7 has an Em7 arpeggio following by a Cmaj7 arp starting on B.

If you listen to this solo and look at the transcription you will see a few ideas that are repeated quite often. The arpeggios I mentioned as well as the b9/#9s over the G7, and a descending m7 arpeggio with the added 9th (E) -see below. But the ideas connect nicely and are not abruptly connected, but it’s done very smoothly. So if you want to use this idea try to lead into the phrase with approach notes, such as chromatic or diatonic notes.

Arpeggios superpositions and descending m7 with added 9 (E).

Screen shot 2012-11-14 at 11.34.39 AM

b9/#9 approach

Here’s the Easy To Love – Bill Evans Transcription.

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