My Gear

Propellerhead Reason – Used
in recording my music, for loops, dance/hip hop/techno beats and
realistic instrument sounds

Propellerhead Reason
LaCie 160GB External Hard Drive
Used to record my guitar tracks, which are huge wave files,
in addition to the Reason sample libraries, and my ITunes tracks.
lacie hard drive
I use an Ibanez RG
Series guitar
with EMG active pickups.
I use one humbucker and one single coil pickup. The
floyd rose tremolo system is disabled.

Ibanez guitar

I also use an Ibanez Artcore semi-hollowbody
guitar. This guitar plays great and is very reasonably
Ibanez artcore
As a guitar amplifier with all the effects at home I
the Line
6 Pod XT.
I go direct into my laptop for playing/recording.

Pod XT

I use the M-Audio Keystation 88 ES keyboard for
inputting MIDI data such as drums, bass when recording.
keystation 88 ES
I use an external soundcard which is M-Audio’s Audiophile USB Audiophile USB
I use Cubase
to record and sequence my songs
Cubase SE
I use Band
in A Box
for jamming and improvising and as midi parts for
sequencing using Cubase.
band in a box software