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Learn my ‘Louder’ guitar solo

This is my melodic solo on Tommy Lee’s Louder. We can learn a few things in this song such as double stops and melodic development. Get the tab and explanation video below.

You can buy the lesson video and tab in PDF and Guitar Pro format where I show you note by note how to play it and why it works.

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Metal Mayhem Backing Tracks

Here’s the Metal Mayhem tune:

Here are the 3 backing tracks that you can use when practicing the Metal Mayhem solo. One has no solo guitars, one has no rhythm guitars and one is a remix. You can purchase them below:

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Learn How to Play Metal Mayhem

Learn how to play this song note for note! You can buy the tab and you get both PDF and Power Tab file formats below:
Go here for Metal Mayhem backing tracks.

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Soloing Over Chord Changes

This is a video lesson based on the previous 2 lessons about playing over chord changes.

Please contact me for private webcam lessons if you’d like to explore this further, or check out my Online Guitar Coaching that includes lessons on chord tone soloing.

Interactive Blues Guitar – Make Me Play the Blues

This is a fun little video you should check out, where you can use your mouse to control this YouTube video of me playing blues riffs. Make me play over the accompanying blues backing track. Video is below. Go to to play!

Free Live Group Guitar Lessons Online on Google+

I’m going to be doing live group webcam lessons on Google+ using their Hangout feature. You don’t need to have a webcam or make yourself visible if you don’t want, you just watch and/or ask questions via chat. Google+ is now open to the public so anyone can join.

Go to this post and add me to one your Circles then let me know what topic you want to learn about. I posted a few choices for you at group guitar lessons.

Learn You Really Got Me on Guitar

Watch my new video and go learn this tune for free

Guitar Apprentice

This looks cool! Using a real guitar instead of the plastic ones. Here’s the link for Guitar Apprentice.

Here’s the link for Guitar Apprentice.

Send a Guitar Happy Birthday Card to Your Loved Ones

I have a gift for you. When a friend or family member has a birthday, why not send them a free video ecard, using my recent Happy Birthday Jazz Guitar video? All you need to do is go to a site like EasyHi (free) and embed my video in the card. Here is the embed code. Just cut and paste it into the box below the card (at the easyhi site after you pick the background you want) <iframe width=”425″ height=”349″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>.

Here’s a picture of what it might look like:

The video is here: