Cherokee Transcription – Jazz Guitar Solo

An excellent solo by the young Rob Luft. Sign up on the right sidebar to get the 7 pages of transcriptions for this solo. Note that I watched the video to match where we was playing the solo exactly on the fretboard. Many passages were slowed down on YouTube to 50% and via Transcribe! down to 20% at times.

Cherokee Transcription - Jazz Guitar Solo

Note the solo starts with a quote of the melody and instead of just playing the Bb in measure 3, Rob starts with Bb and encircles the Ab with a chromatic approach. The he descends before ascending with a diminished arpeggio starting on the 3rd of Bb7 (D).

Then he descends over the Bbmaj7 with a descending Bb triad. The triad has 4 notes as the octave is repeated (Bb). I’ve seen this a lot especially with sax players. The triad is an approach to the C (9th of Bbmaj7). We can see how this same structure is used 2 more times over the following Ebmaj7 and Ab7.

The Rob plays a Db major arpeggio over the Ab7 then a Dm7 arpeggio over the Bbmaj7 (arpeggio from the 3rd of Bbmaj7).

Over the C7 Rob plays a Gm-maj7 arpeggio which is very commoon to get the #11 sound – you play a minor-major 7 arpeggio off the 5th of the chord (G).

As you can see the solo is very understandable when you dissect it.

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