Chord Melody – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It’s that time of year again and so I thought I would arrange a classic Christmas tune for you in the simplest way possible. I’ve seen much harder versions out there.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

When you first start to learn how to play jazz guitar, the idea that you can play chords and melody together is pretty exciting but can be a little intimidating. The Christmas season gives us a chance to play full songs all by ourselves on solo guitar for our family and friends. One such tune is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. This is a great tune for any studying jazz guitarist to spend some time getting under their fingers and into their repertoire. Wouldn’t it be great to learn some Christmas chord melodies in time for Christmas? It takes a while get these down so get started now 🙂

The song uses a common I-vi-ii-V progression repeatedly which in the key of Cmaj7 is C Am7 Dm7 G7.

Here’s the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas chord melody arrangement.

The arrangements are laid out with a chord grid about the basic melody of the song. This way you can easily see the chords and by playing the chords you will automatically be playing the melody note, as it’s the highest note of the chord! Then I make sure that other melody notes can be easily played while letting the current chord ring. Some chord melodies have a lot of single note soloing in them, but I prefer to have just chords and melody while everything ringing.

If you find yourself getting stuck and need more help in learning Frosty the Snowman, send me a note through my contact page and we can get together for a video lesson to help you tackle any problem areas in this, or any other, chord melody arrangement.

I don’t have a video for this at the moment but you can check out my other jazz guitar performances to see how I play.

Have fun!

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