Chord Melody – My Funny Valentine

Here’s my chord melody arrangement to My Funny Valentine.

I did something a little different at the beginning of the tune. I decided to just one or two notes played together like a classical approach, with a descending bass line. I guess I was inspired by the work I did on my Baroque Improvisation course.

I believe if you play this with feeling you can appreciate the beauty of minimal notes instead of the usual larger voicings. Let the notes ring as much as you can.

In this tune, you have the classic descending minor chord cliche. The notes that are descending are C, B, Bb, A to Ab over the Abmajor7 chord in bar 5. So rather than play C in the bass the whole time, we descend using this bass line. Since Abmaj7 moves to F I also opted to add a G in between to continue the descending line. I also add the Eb between Fm7 and Dm7b5.

But if you prefer a more chordal approach look at the last A section and use that at the beginning if your prefer.

My Funny Valentine Chord Melody

My Funny Valentine Chord Melody 2

My Funny Valentine Chord Melody 3

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