Classical Guitar Music Made Easy

Do you like classical guitar music but are intimidated by how hard it is and all the rules to follow and exercises they make you practice? Learning to play classical guitar can be an intimidating process. It is my goal to remove all the usual barriers, rules, restrictions and intimidation and make playing classical music fun on any guitar!

Here are some of the usual challenges of learning classical guitar:
-you need a classical nylon string guitar
-you need a foot stand and hold your guitar a particular way
-you need to cut, shape and maintain your fingernails
-you need to pluck using rest and free strokes and other right hand rules
-you need to practice lots of scales, arpeggios and other studies
-it’s difficult to play up high on the neck due to build of classical guitar
-most classical pieces are very challenging to play as written
-students give up due to all the challenges, rules and intimidation with this genre of music

I have arranged many popular classical music songs to be highly simplified and yet melodic and enjoyable (melody is unchanged). And they are playable on your electric guitar!