Cool guitar loop pedal DL4 used in live streaming show

I was watching guitarist Matt Stevens live on the other day and I was so pumped and inspired by his playing. Not from any major technical ability but the fact that he completely accompanied himself! He used a looper pedal to record a riff in real time then he started to play melodies and improvise over his recorded chords. He uses a Line 6 DL4 pedal for this. Check it out here:

Here you can pick up the Line 6 DL4.

I’m thinking not only could you use this for live performances but for jamming and making up new tunes. It’s such a pain to crank up the sequencer software and get bogged down in the technical details of recording. That’s mostly why I don’t record songs that much!

I’m planning to pick one up myself! Go get a DL4 too and we’ll see you on tube! –

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