473565_guitar_soloThese are frequently asked questions that may answer your question. If not you can use the Contact page.

What is Online Guitar Coaching?

Online Guitar Coaching is an exciting new guitar lesson community. Along with video lessons, diagrams, tab and forums, you can ask questions during weekly Live Q&A Sessions on Ustream.tv and get feedback from us and interact with other students. This site will continuously add content based on what you want and need to learn.

Why should I join Online Guitar Coaching instead of the other sites out there?

You’re free to join as many sites as you wish. Our site is unique in that it offers you a relationship with a real teacher. No more watching videos just on your own or wasting time learning scales and modes. It also offers step-by-step approaches to guitar and improvisation instead of a series of random video lessons.

Why should I join Online Guitar Coaching when there are lots of free lessons on other sites?

You can watch all the free lessons you want. But if you want to learn guitar and soloing you need a step-by-step approach that is practical and doesn’t waste your valuable time. We also offer a one-on-one teacher-student experience.

How do I know your coaches are qualified to teach me?

Our lessons have helped thousands of students make progress. We have many decades of playing and teaching experience and have college education in music studies. Will’s free YouTube videos have over 700,000 views and 2200 subscribers. Check out the free lessons and judge for yourself!

Who is it for?

Online Guitar Coaching is for beginner guitarists wanting to learn chords and strumming songs, all the way up to advanced guitarist who want to learn how to solo/improvise on the guitar. It is for guitarists who want to take things in a logical step-by-step manner. It is also for students who want the guidance of an experienced guitarist and teacher to help them progress as quickly as possible.

Why was it created?

We noticed that many sites offer cool video lessons, but most of them didn’t teach a simple step by step way to learn guitar and how to solo. They leave the students to figure things out on their own with a huge ton of videos, learn a cool riff here and there. We also noticed most sites don’t have a structured, step-by-step approach to learning the guitar, resulting in aimless watching and practising of video lessons online without much of any progress.

What styles do you teach?
The courses cover all the fundamentals for any style in an in-depth step by step manner – chords, strumming, scales, sequences, technique, fretboard mastery, song analysis but specifically the site covers rock, blues, metal, jazz-rock fusion and jazz. If you want to learn very specific stylistic approaches for say country and fingerstyle/classical guitar then this site is not for you at the moment. If you let us know of your interests we can add the appropriate content using great teachers.

Can I cancel my account?

Of course, all our accounts are billed monthly and you can cancel your account at anytime. There are no contracts or termination fees. You can cancel your account directly from your admin area (Profile page), PayPal account or contact us.