This Exciting and Innovative Online Guitar Coaching Program (including Guitarist and Teacher Will Kriski) Reveals the Easiest Way to Master Lead Guitar Soloing…

The ‘No Scales’ Method With Real Teacher Feedback!

If you’re like I was, you’ve spent countless hours trying to figure out how to solo. You’ve tried the scales and modes. You’ve visited tons of websites and watched lots of videos. And it’s still not happening for you. Here’s why – almost all teachers teach the same, tired old approach. Why? They really don’t know any better. Many great players that you admire really don’t know how to teach – many like to complicate matters to make their ability seem larger than life. Even more use vague statements like ‘The music just flows through me from consciousness itself.’ That used to really irritate me! (and still does). I’m here to tell that you that playing lead guitar is almost 100% explainable and reproduceable.

While most video lesson sites have lots of great lessons, they leave you to figure out how to learn lead guitar on your own. We are one of the only sites that allow you to interact LIVE every month with a real teacher! Explode your progress by joining our online guitar coaching program. Other sites leave you confused as to what to practice.  We show you the specific steps that you can take (and we are still taking to this day) in the pursuit of Guitar God glory.

This Program contains real-life, action steps that we have used for years and are still working for us right now

  • Stop wasting time confusing yourself with scales and modes
  • Stay on track with real teacher interaction
  • How to explode your progress using step-by-step focused approach
  • Watch videos over and over until you get it down
  • Make friends in a private community of guitar enthusiasts
  • Learn in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Forget wasting time scouring the internet for video lessons on soloing. Never again!

“This is the first lesson that has described/shown it in a way that made sense to me, and I got it down within 5 minutes of watching, whereas I had been trying to figure it out for weeks.” —latonc

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Why Learn With Us? We have decades of playing and learning experience. Our main coach, Will Kriski, has over 28 years of playing and teaching experience. His free videos have hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of subscribers. He has a calm, friendly and encouraging teaching style that students around the world seem to love.

Gold membership level

  • The Gold Level allows you access to the all the videos and get access to the teacher via live monthly webcasts.
  • Why chord tones are the secret to great solos
  • A structured approach starting with 5 CAGED scale shapes allowing you to visualize the fretboard, change keys more easily
  • You will learn how to solo over chords, and songs with chord changes
  • Learn the guitar techniques you need to enhance your soloing
  • Apply the shapes and other structures to your improvisation over jam/backing tracks
  • You will get access years worth of study, from 7 comprehensive courses, with lessons and more added constantly
  • A community of guitarists sharing learning experiences, asking questions and building friendships

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Join your fellow guitarists who are already exploding their guitar soloing progress!

Courses include:

  • Fretboard Mastery 101 – learn 5 CAGED shapes and build from there – intervals, pentatonics, triads and more!
  • Blues Guitar– learn how to play blues and create your own solos
  • Guitar Technique 101 – bends, slides, two-handed tapping, sweep picking and more!
  • How to Solo 101 –  learn no scales/modes method and apply fretboard knowledge to solos – solo over backing tracks
  • Music Theory 101– all the theory you need to understand these concepts
  • Song & Analysis– study real songs and understand how they work and how to make your own solos
  • Beginning Guitarist (New!) – Not quite ready to start soloing yet? No problem! We have a step by step beginner course – learn how to hold the guitar and pick, the parts of the guitar, open strings, playing fretted notes, chords, songs, strumming technique and more

We hope you can see the value in studying with a real teacher online. You can also see some of Will’s free videos on YouTube below.

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Join your fellow guitarists who are already exploding their guitar soloing progress!

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!

The Online Coaching Staff