Free Guitar Lessons

Here are some free lessons from insider the members area:

Learn the major scale in 5 moveable shapes. Just shift them to play in any other key.

How to Solo over For the Love of God by Steve Vai

Embellishing Chords with Hammer Ons, Pull Offs, Sus Chords

Open Chords – G, C and D (from the Beginner’s Course – guest teacher)

Basic 12 bar blues (rhythm guitar) (from Blues Guitar course)

Wide Intervals, Legato Phrasing and Neoclassical Riffs (my solo on Drunk Dial of the Year with tab)

How to Solo over Canon Rock Chord Progression (using chord tones from How to Solo course)

Single String Ideas (fast!) (from Guitar Technique Course)

Triads and Chords (from the Music Theory course)

Pinch Harmonics (from Guitar Technique course)

Basic Rock Guitar Techniques (from Guitar Technique course – recorded Live)

C Major Scale in 5 Positions on the Guitar (from Fretboard Mastery – recorded Live).

All of Me – Jazz Analysis and Bebop solo exercise (free sample) (from Songs/Analysis course)

Connecting Arpeggios (advanced)

Will also does a lot of free lessons on YouTube and loves teaching and helping students progress!

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