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So you want more guitar students. Or you’re thinking of teaching guitar full-time. Or you’ve gotten tired of teaching at music stores and only getting a percentage of the lesson fees, and decided to strike out on your own. Congratulations!

One of the biggest challenges with building your own guitar teaching business is getting enough students. You put up posters around town and they quickly get pasted over, torn down or destroyed by the weather. Students you have quit after awhile, so you’re always chasing new students.

Nowadays most guitar students are obtained online because that’s where they hang out most of the time. But most of us are not tech savvy, don’t know how to promote ourselves or don’t really want to deal with the marketing. That’s why it’s easy to teach at a music store but at much reduced income. To build a business these days you need to be blogging, twittering, building a facebook fan page, sending emails to potential students, and more.

That’s why it’s exciting to find out about the G4 Teacher Network run by David Hart. They not only have a strong presence online with many daily inquiries from guitar students around the world, but they provide training and support to help you teach guitar and grow a successful guitar teaching business. You can even teach via webcam if you want. The internet marketing and social networking I mentioned above is very time consuming and often boring, so with G4 you can just focus on teaching, where you make the money.

And at the G4 Teacher Network you can charge whatever you want, so the cost of the monthly program is covered even if they were to just get you one student one time! G4 is based in Australia but they have expanded into the US, Canada and other countries.

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