Beginning Guitarist

acoustic2Welcome to the Beginning Guitarist. Here are the lessons:
All the lessons from Level 1 PLUS

    Learning Outcomes

    By the end of this course you should understand:

    • how to hold the guitar
    • how to hold the pick and pick the strings
    • the parts of the guitar
    • choosing acoustic or electric
    • some criteria when choosing to buy a guitar
    • the open strings of the guitar and their note names
    • how to tune your guitar
    • how to building speed with a metronome
    • open chords
    • sus Chords
    • Dominant 7th chords
    • switching between chords
    • strumming chords
    • how to use the left hand to fret notes and pick the notes
    • how to play some challenging chromatic exercises

    This course is taught by me, Will Kriski along with my good friend and excellent teacher Mark Donaghy who has vast experience teaching beginners and myself of course!

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