How to Build Your Own Band Website

Luckily Band Website Template has come along to make building our own band website along with a Gig calendar a whole lot easier.

As you hopefully know by now I’m a big believer in having your own website to market yourself, your music or other products. While there are many third party websites out there that can create and host a website for you, sell products for you and so on, you are at their mercy if they go under. Worst of all you don’t have your own central website that you control over the years, as other services usually come and go. All third party sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc should lead back to your main website.

All my websites are now built with WordPress. It is free software that is often easily installed with your webhost such as HostGator or GoDaddy via a common cPanel interface. And a domain name (the unique name of your site such as is offered by domain registrars such as GoDaddy as well.

A template (or WordPress theme in this case) is a ‘look and feel’ of your site allowing you to separate your content (your text, photos, videos, etc) from the look of the site (how the header, footer, sidebars, menus, etc are laid out). While there are many free themes out there, it’s usually best to buy a theme tailored to your niche, in this case for band websites. And if you ever decide to change the look of your site, you just swap in a new theme and your site is instantly transformed, since all the content just plugs into the look and feel. That’s the beauty of WordPress’ theme concept.

So to recap, to have your own website you need to buy a domain name (usually about $10/year), sign up for monthly web hosting (where your website files reside), install WordPress (free via your web hosts cPanel web page), upload the Band Website Theme and your site is well on it’s way!

P.S. Plus if you buy the domain, web hosting and theme through my links above I can help you install WordPress and upload your theme for free. I just need the login info to either HostGator or GoDaddy and your theme download file. Go to the contact page and send me:
-the transaction id for your purchase of hostgator web hosting plan
-the username and password to login into your hostgator account (to install wordpress and upload theme)
-the username password to login into your domain account (to point domain at your webhost servers)
-send me the link to your Band theme (zip file) or put in message that you will send me via subsequent email

Want to use a different web host or domain registrar? Send me a note and we’ll talk!
Already have a web hosting plan and/or domain name? I can install WordPress and any theme you choose for $100.

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