How to Give Away Free Stuff

A lot of people like to give away free content, but only if you sign up for an email list. Once you sign up they will email you on occasion with new offerings. Many people are uncomfortable with signing up for many reasons, due to spam, email is dying with at least the younger generation, private information, signup effort, etc. While you can give away stuff without asking for anything at all, every once in a while it might be a good idea to ask for something in return.

Two new interesting ways to give away free stuff (even if you still use email) is to ask for a Tweet or ask people to connect on Facebook. As I’m a proponent of ‘Do it yourself’ (rather than relying on 3rd party sites) I was happy to find some free code written by the good folks at Cash Music. The two tools are Tweet for Track and FBConnect to Track. I did a Tweet for Track tutorial here.

You can see my Tweet for Track example and FBConnect to Track example here. You can give away a PDF, audio, video, or whatever file you want, it doesn’t have to be music related.

With these ‘more loosely coupled’ ways of connecting with fans, you still keep in touch but it’s a more subtle approach. Real fans will keep coming back to see what you have to say.

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