How to Solo Over Chord Changes

Here’s a good example of getting prepared to solo over chord changes with a jazz chord progression. You basically learn the arpeggios of each chord in each of the 5 CAGED shapes I’ve talked about. Then you play one chord tone per beat (quarter note) and when the chord changes, switch to the closest chord tone of the next chord in the same direction (ascending or descending). The 3 chords are:
Dmin7 – D F A C
G7 – G B D F
Cmaj7 – C E G B

Locate these notes in each CAGED shape and go from as low as possible to as high as possible within each shape.

Please have a look at my blog post on the CAGED shapes and make sure you understand the 5 shapes.
For further study on your own, check out Ernie Hawkins: C-A-G-E-D Guitar System Made Easy, Vol. 1 2 and 3

And/or if you’d like to study the CAGED system with me, check out Online Guitar Coaching

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