Improvisation in the Classical Style

Surprisingly to many, classical composers were also great improvisers. In order to do this yourself, it’s a good idea to understand chord progressions, modulations, and have a variety of patterns under your belt. Here is the late Ted Greene showing us how to improvise in the Baroque style. I have transcribed it as well (see below the video):

Using Enounce MySpeed to slow down the videos and literally tens of hours of transcribing and rewinding I was able to finish part 1 which is 9 pages! Sign up below to get your free transcription. I added explanation notes as well and while there are many key changes, I did change the key signature on occasion to reflect the main key and to reduce the number of accidentals. Don’t be discouraged by the first part where Ted does a one finger bar across different frets!

Note: With Guitar Pro 5 the tablature is king so there may be issues with the musical notation regarding accidentals. If you play the tab and understand what key you are in you should be fine. You may want to move the fingering around to suit your preference/ability. Please send any corrections to me and I’ll update the file.

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