Jazz Guitar Chord Melody – Blue Bossa

When you first start to learn how to play jazz guitar, one of the standards that many players come across is Blue Bossa. This is a great tune for any studying jazz guitarist to spend some time getting under their fingers and into their repertoire.

In today’s lesson, I’ve posted a chord melody version of Blue Bossa that I recently wrote out with beginner to intermediate players in mind. Often, when I was first learning how to play chord melodies on guitar, I noticed that while many arrangements sounded great, they were way over my head, causing me hours of frustration in the practice room and eventually to give up learning them all together.

So, I decided that I would write this arrangement in a manner that highlights the melody, introduces you to commonly used jazz guitar chords, and doesn’t stretch your fingers or technique too much so that a beginner or intermediate player could get this chord melody arrangement down in a week or so of practicing.

Check this chord melody arrangement of Blue Bossa out in your practice routine this week, and if you have any questions, comments or practice tips after you’ve worked throughout it, please share them in the comments section below.

To help you out, I’ve included an audio file of the arrangement to act as a guide for you in the practice room. But, if you find yourself getting stuck and need more help in learning Blue Bossa, send me a note through my contact page and we can get together for a video lesson to help you tackle any problem areas in this, or any other, chord melody arrangement.

Have fun!

You can listen to it here:

Blue Bossa Chord Melody

Blue Bossa Chord Melody 2

I don’t have a video for this at the moment but you can check out my other jazz guitar performances to see how I play.

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