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As a teacher and guitar player for over 28 years, I’m always on the lookout for the most effective and most comprehensive guitar lessons that are out there. And because I have thousands of students that subscribe to my YouTube guitar lessons and email lists, I have become a trusted resource for quality guitar lessons. Since I teach mostly intermediate to advanced topics I was looking for something that would start from the absolute beginning and work its way to more advanced topics.

I recently came across a guitar course called Learn And Master Guitar by Steve Krenz. It looked promising as it has 20 DVDs, and 5 jam along cds, as well as a book and access to online support. But unlike most people who promote the product without seeing it (in order to make a quick buck), I emailed the owners and asked to have a copy of the course mailed to me so I could see it and evaluate it for myself.

I recently received the course and went through each DVD, CD and lesson book carefully. Here is what is contained in the guitar course. These DVDs start with easy guitar lessons that will allow you to learn guitar fast. Each Session is in the book as well as on the DVDs and jam along cds:

Session 1
Session one starts with the basics such as:
-Parts of the Guitar
-Names of the Strings
-Proper Left and Right Hand Technique
-Tuning the Guitar
-Reading Guitar Tablature
-Finger Exercises
-How to Read Chord Blocks
-C and G7 Chords

Session 2
-How to Read Music
-Notes on first and second strings
-Play exercises and songs on those strings

Session 3
-Notes on the 3rd and 4th strings
-Play more songs and exercises on those strings

Session 4
-Notes on 5th and 6th strings
-Songs and exercises on these strings
-Sharps, flats and natural signs
-A minor and E chords

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Session 5
-Lots of Open Chords including C, D, E, G, A, Em, Dm, Am and 7th chords
-Exercises including strumming

Session 6
-Seventh and sus chords
-Strumming exercises
-Lots more songs

Session 7
-Barre chords on 6 strings
-Major scales
-More songs and assignments

Session 8
-Barre chords on 5 strings
-Keys and key signatures
-parallel major and minor scales

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Session 9
-More strumming patterns
-Diatonic intervals
-Harmonic intervals
-Songs and assigments

Session 10
-Fingerstyle guitar
-Merle Travis technique
-Canon in D and other songs

Session 11
-Pentatonic scales
-Pentatonic patterns
-Blues progression

Session 12
-Advanced Chords
-Major 7th, Minor 11th chords
-Chord substitutions
-More songs

Session 13
-Playing the blues
-Blues scale
-Blues chord progressions
-Blues tunes

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Session 14
-Hammer ons

Session 15
-Electric guitars
-Power chords
-Country chicken pickin’

Session 16
-Advanced strumming

Session 17
-3 note per string scales
-seventh chords

Session 18
-Jazz up progressions

Session 19
-Ear training exercises
-Chord tone soloing

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Session 20
-Chord formulas
-Altered chords
-Assignments and songs

5 Jam Along CDs
The course also comes with 5 play along cds.

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