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For those of you awaiting new video lessons, I just thought I’d give you an update. I’ve been working full-time on an IT project which is crazy busy. I’ll be done at the end of May and taking some time off. Hopefully soon after I’ll be back to making video lessons.

I’ve been looking into Learning Management Systems (LMS). These are websites that let you create and host e-learning content. My idea is to create systemized courses with modules and topics, with assignments and possibly tests. Students can submit videos of themselves to complete assignments. The idea is that the course content can be created offline and uploaded to the LMS. The content follows the SCORM standard – a standard format for bundling the lesson content.

I’ve seen so much guitar lesson content on the web and realize there is a large need for a step-by step approach to learning guitar. I’m excited about putting this all together and making it happen, so stay tuned!

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