Line 6 PodXT & FBV Shortboard (My Gear)

Guitarists on YouTube ask me all the time what gear I use. I use the Line 6 PODxt for playing and recording. I like it because it is small and portable, has tons of amp models (marshalls, plexi, modern hi-gain, etc) and effects (delay, reverb, compression, chorus, distortion/overdrive, flange, phaser, etc). You can download patches that others have created (if you’re lazy like me) from the line 6 website.

line 6 pod xt

Go here to buy the Line 6 PODxt.

I also use the Line 6 FBV Shortboard for control with my foot. It’s also got a rocker pedal that you can use for wah or volume and you can save your favorite patches for easy switching. Here’s a picture: FBV shortboard.
Go and pick up a Line 6 FBV Shortboard today.


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