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As you know Pandora doesn’t work outside of US due to crazy copyright restrictions. While I don’t advocate breaking any laws, if you were to want to listen to outside of the US you need to use a US proxy server (requests to come from that server instead of directly from your local machine). Some of the solutions involved downloading software or tunneling but I didn’t want to go there.

You need to tell your browser to use the proxy server instead of going directly to the Pandora website. In Firefox go to the menu item Tools-Options-Advanced-Network-Settings then type in the URL and port of the proxy server. Don’t be afraid to type this in as you can easily remove it later. An example that currently works (as of this writing) is HTTP Proxy of and port 8080. Enter this and then open a new tab in your browser and go to That’s all you have to do!

To find a list of possible US proxy servers (like the one I showed above) you can go to Apparently you may have to try different proxies to find one that works for you. Using a proxy may affect your ability to surf other websites (that the proxy blocks). The one I used above blocks Facebook for example. So use IE, Chrome, Safari while you listen to Pandora or find another proxy that doesn’t block the other sites you want to view.

You can even login to your original Pandora account as they don’t currently check to see if it’s outside of US.


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