Making a Living as a Musician

I’ve tried to sell mp3s and guitar tablature. Selling digital products is a tough business these days. With a small niche following there isn’t a huge following to sell things to. The latest wisdom is pointing towards selling access instead of copies.

If you’re a musician wanting to make a living as a musician, consider starting a simple membership site for your fans. A membership site is a private, members-only area where you can provide behind the scenes videos, photos, song demos, and other content for your fans as soon as you produce it (before you release it to the general public). You sell access to you and your band, and fans form a relationship with you. You can call it your ‘Insiders Club’ or ‘Be a Backstage VIP Member’for example. These are really very simple to set up and allow you to control your following.

Many musicians are overwhelmed by the huge number of music sites out there, which is understandable. You need to have your own website and use these third party sites to generate traffic to your main site.

Selling music, especially digital music, is getting harder and harder these days. So we need to sell things that can’t be copied.

If you would like to learn how to set up your own membership site, check out Membership School.

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