Minor 7 Arpeggios

Minor 7 arpeggios are built from the root, minor 3rd, fifth and minor 7th intervals. Minor 7 chords are used extensively in jazz standards including Blue Bossa for one.

Minor 7 arpeggios can be played on different string sets and starting on different fingers but they follow a few similar shapes on the guitar. So there are shapes you play that start with your index, ring and pinky fingers. You could also use your middle finger to make other shapes but I only show the ones that don’t require as much of a stretch and that fit in the CAGED scale patterns.

I show a variety of fretboard diagrams below. Note that these fall into the 5 CAGED major scale shapes that I often show students when I do Skype guitar lessons. If you know the notes on the fretboard it makes it easier to remember these arpeggios. Also be sure to play them up and down and eventually expand them to the full extent of the current position you are in, not just starting on the root all the time.

If you don’t see the sheet music below make sure you have javascript enabled in your browser and no addons/plugins that are disabling javascript (noscript, etc)

Notice where each interval is as well (root, minor 3, fifth, minor 7) and then play these arpeggios for other chords as well. Using the root as your guide shift these arpeggios to Fm7 and then all the other minor 7 chords in all 12 keys.

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