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Are you thinking of taking private guitar lessons or finding a private guitar teacher? While having a private teacher can be helpful, have you considered the exorbitant cost of taking weekly private lessons with a local teacher? Take it from me and I am a private teacher with over 29 years of experience!

At $25-40 per guitar lesson per week you’re looking at close to $2,000 a year plus all the headache of travelling, going through lots of bad teachers, lesson cancellations, and all sorts of other headaches.

Did you know you can learn at home in the comfort of your own home, with a professional studio guitar player and teacher? Well you can! Steve Krenz is a professional guitarist and with the Learn and Master Guitar course you get 20 DVDs and 5 cds of backing tracks to jam with. I’ve reviewed it after receiving a copy in the mail and I highly recommend it.

I’ve taught at local music stores. Take it from me, they don’t really screen the teachers. If you can play a bit they will hire you. They need to make extra money and usually have open lesson rooms available. So the quality of teachers can vary greatly. And not all of them will know your favorite style. You may get a jazz guy who tries to teach you metal. Or way too much theory you don’t care about. You don’t want to waste precious time and money going through a long list of teachers until you find one you like.

I’ve actually taken private lessons after over 20 years of playing and teaching myself. It was extremely frustrating and intimidating. I was given way too much material and felt overwhelmed. Then I started to question my own ability even though I was putting in a ton of work!

With a DVD guitar course and studying at home, I can watch the DVD over and over until I get it right. I can loop sections I am having difficulty with. Usually at private lessons I’ll feel great and often forget what we talked about! One time I recorded a lesson on video and was amazed at how many things were in the video that I had forgotten in the lesson!

And if you order Learn and Master Guitar course through my link I will give you a bonus product – one of my own guitar courses. You can learn how to play Canon Rock guitar, Fretboard Blueprint, Metal Mayhem course or my solo Louder transcription and how to video. Just send me a note on the contact page after purchase and I’ll send you the details!

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