Skype Guitar Lessons


$25 for a 1/2 hour lesson


$49 for a 1 hour lesson

(Once you purchase, please contact me to book a time)


Don’t Have a Good Guitar Teacher in Your Area?

If you can’t find a good local teacher or one that teaches a style you’re interested, such as jazz guitar, I’m here to help.
We can do private, one on one guitar lessons via Skype or other software (Google+ Hangout, etc).

Don’t Have a Lot of Time to take Weekly Guitar Lessons?

If you’re busy, no problem! We can schedule a guitar lesson here and there whenever you can fit some time in.

Want to Learn a Song or How to Solo?

We can work on tunes such as a jazz standard, chord melody and how to approach soloing over the chords.

Tired of Practicing Scales, Arpeggios and ii-V-I licks and Getting Nowhere?

I spent years practicing scales but they never sounded very musical to me in an improvisation.

Then when I learned some ii-V-I licks I could insert them into a song when I saw one, but there were so many times when there wasn’t a ii-V-I so I was stuck.

Or the ii-V-I lick sounded out of place with the rest of my solo and I didn’t know how to make it fit right.

Do you spend countless hours practicing various techniques and scales and yet can’t play a full song for your friends and family?

I have a practical, fun and relaxing approach to practicing guitar so that you can actually play entire songs – melody, soloing, comping and chord melody. Isn’t that what we are all trying to do anyways?

Here’s a sample of my teaching styles (jazz mostly near the end):

What I teach is immediately useful and applicable so that you can play songs and improvise today, rather than practicing years of boring scales in the hopes that this will turn into beautiful solos.

Student Testimonials

Here are some of my student testimonials

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