Song-A-Week/Lesson-A-Week Project slow, meets objectives

Due to a variety of reasons I am altering my Song A Week Project. More accurately, I’m slowing the pace of song creation to a more manageable level – about 1 song per month. Some of the reasons are:

  • The project achieved it’s major goal which was to start writing music, getting off my butt, turning off the TV and taking action rather than talking about it all the time
  • I have a bunch of good quality tunes that I can work with in the future to re-engineering or modify for a CD.
  • I proved to myself that I can put in the large effort required after work, before work and all weekends with a full-time job in IT!
  • I’m working out of town, and fly back every 2 weeks on thursday night, without all my guitar gear of course. So every other week I only have 3 days (monday to wednesday) to get a song done!
  • I need to focus an equal amount of time on marketing my music and updating my website – changing the website, joining forums, responding to questions and comments, submitting tunes and videos all over the place, etc
  • I am still doing video guitar lessons
  • Jazz practising has ground to a halt
  • Absolutely no social life at this point, etc, etc.
  • From some of the constructive comments at, I will be increasing the quality of production of the songs before releasing them, having more time to do this, including more involved bass lines, drum parts, etc.

So I will be still putting out new tunes, just at a bit of a slower pace for the foreseeable future.

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