Student Videos


“This is the first lesson that has described/shown it in a way that made sense to me, and I got it down within 5 minutes of watching, whereas I had been trying to figure it out for weeks.” —latonc

“I believe this video is the best I’ve seen for start point #1 for delta blues. Its’ a little tricky at first but thanks to looping I may get it down…thanks.” -KevFender1

haha no but seriously i learned so much about cool as hell harmonics, thank you!” -nspade13

“you are a pro great guitar player just as good Vinnie Moore” – Travisrayguitarist

“oh wow, itz like i just opened the door to a whole new light! i can’t thank u enough. no one i kno can do pinch harmonics, and im a metal guitarist. i play to Bullet For My Valentine and a lot of their songs does pinch harmonics. w/out knowing how to do those, their songs aren’t the same when i cover ’em, so thanx for the knowledge!!!!!!” -xXNevermorex2xFateXx

“you are great teacher :D” – LadoApi

“u are a guitar god, i signed up on your website” – RobertSnyder808

“Dude, thank you for your pinch harmonic tutorial!! That m’f’r bugged the hell out of me for the longest time. There were others who tried to show the same, but you’re the better teacher. Cheers! ” -boreasrift