Tapo – All in One Capo and Guitar Tuner

I recently received my Tapo and thought I would write a blog post about it. If you’re not familiar with the Tapo by Editors Keys it’s a guitar capo with built in tuner. This is a picture of it on my Ibanez Artcore jazz guitar.


The Tapo came with a small watch-type battery so after inserting it I was good to go.

The spring loaded capo makes it a breeze to put on and off. I have one of those other capos that you have to manually put on and then clamp down and it’s a pain in the butt to take on and off.

Having the tuner built in is a nice feature. Once you put the capo on it’s right there for you to tune each string. You can set it to chromatic tuner and tune bass guitars as well. You can alter the A4 frequency from 440Hz if you want. The tuner detects shows the string name when you pluck the string and goes green when you’re in tune and red when you’re not.

When I’m not using the capo I have it clamped on the headstock of my guitar where I can access it for easy tuning. I actually practice most of the time without plugging in, so having this tuner available is a big plus. I normally would plug my guitar into my PodXT and turn it on, or other tuners I have. So I have to be near my desk and grab a guitar cable, turn on the PodXT, etc.

So I recommend you go pick up a Tapo!

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