Transcribing Solos – Karaoke Mode

I was recently doing a Cherokee solo transcription and there was a chordal section that was different from what I had in my real book (a common occurrence).

During that section the guitarist was also doing some outside playing so it was difficult for me to figure out what the chords were. One trick is to listen to the bass player but I couldn’t really hear it too well. I like to put the chords above my transcription for analysis purposes.

So I thought I would see if my transcribing software called Transcribe! has an eq area where I could turn down the higher frequencies. Sure enough under Window->Audio Effects and Controls there was an EQ tab. You can filter out the alto or soprano area but I couldn’t get it to filter what I wanted.

Then I noticed the Mono/Karaoke tab. By turning this on to ‘Active’ the guitar disappeared and I was able to hear the piano and bass really clearly!

Transcribe! Karaoke Mode

Here’s a sample of the track with almost no noticeable guitar.

Give it a try next time you want to figure out the bass or piano comping!

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