Virtual Guitar Lessons

Virtual guitar lessons can mean different things to different guitarists, from either taking a private guitar lesson live over webcam to learning guitar at home on your own with online guitar lessons, DVDs, books or other guitar courses. But essentially it means learning guitar from home whether you do a live guitar lesson or listen/watch a recorded lesson on your own.

So you have to decide, do you want live interactive guitar lessons with a real teacher via webcam? The benefits of a teacher are that you can get immediate help and get your questions answered right away. The negatives are that it can cost a lot of money (almost $2,000/year for weekly lessons), you might have to go through some bad teachers, wasted time and incorrect exercises, boring lessons, lesson cancellations, rescheduling issues, and other headaches. Weekly lessons (that teachers and guitar stores often get you to commit to) can also be too often with not enough time to master a concept between lessons.

Learning on your own either with online guitar lessons or guitar lesson DVDs can be a great way to learn. At the end of the day, the work has to be done by you whether you have a teacher or home study guitar courses. Some of the great things about learning guitar at home are:

-Learn at your own pace
-Watch videos over and over until you get it
-Way less expensive
-There is usually a systematic, step by step approach
-Less time wasted trying to find a good teacher
-No travel time to and from the guitar school/teacher’s home

Probably the biggest downside would be the lack of interactivity with a teacher, but many of these courses and DVDs have online forums that can answer your questions. Either way virtual guitar lessons are an exciting way to learn guitar!

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