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Get a free video guitar lesson course of your choosing when you sign up for a webcam guitar lesson with me, Will Kriski (Here are the guitar lesson courses to choose from). And if you sign up for weekly webcam guitar lessons you will get a FREE Gold Membership to my coaching program with 8 courses and hundreds of lessons and videos with Tab.

Contact me to book a lesson. Lessons are $30/half hour. Payment by Paypal.

My qualifications and background:
I’ve been playing guitar for 29 years and taught at Guitar Works music store in Calgary, Alberta. I also have many free youtube videos with over 1,000,000+ views and thousands of subscribers.

My services:

I can help you with:
-learning songs
-blues, rock, metal
technique (speed, sweep picking, hammer ons, pulloffs, tapping)
-music theory/analysis of songs
understanding TAB and songs with TAB (from sites like
-guitar chords
-soloing over chords (without complicated scales)
-mastering the fretboard (using CAGED system)

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How it works:
You can contact me to set up a time. Let me know which course you want for free (for weekly lessons you get a login account to all courses). We decide on a chat program (Messenger, Skype, etc) and exchange usernames so I can call you. Then use the Paypal button above to purchase a lesson (or use the subscribe button for weekly lessons). Then at the lesson time we use Live Messenger or Skype and start our lesson!

To subscribe to weekly lessons (recurring weekly payments) and to get a FREE Gold Membership to Online Guitar Coaching, please do so with the button below (1 hour is best option for price and effectiveness):

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