Week One Lesson – Sweep Picking Arpeggios

I’ve also included the tab for this lesson.

You want to pick downward in one continuous pick stroke and the upward in one continuous pick stroke. Similar to playing a chord, but you need to synchronize your left and right hand so that after you pick each note, the left hand lifts off the string slightly to dampen the string and prevent it from ringing. You don’t want to hear all the notes together, but each note individually. It should feel like the pick is falling to the next string from the weight of your picking hand, especially when you play it slowly.

Note the symbols showing downstrokes and upstrokes. You can pick the highest pitched note if you want too if you can’t get the proper volume from hammering on and sliding. Some of the effect at high speeds comes from the sliding, legato effect however.

Enjoy! Feel free comment and also to post requests for specific topics in the comments section. For more in-depth look at this topic, check out this book on sweep picking.

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