Week Two Lesson – Hybrid Picking Bluesy Riff

Here’s the pdf with tab. Hybrid Picking Blues Riff

The tab shows typical symbols for downstrokes, upstrokes, hammer ons and pulloffs and I also add an ‘r’ above the notes that I use my ring finger for (The m/r indicates use your middle and ring finger together). You don’t have to follow this exactly, but it works for me especially at high speeds. Things you can do differently at slower speeds may not work for you when you crank up the metronome tempo. Some of you may prefer your middle finger, etc which is okay. A lot of the picking and legato techniques create its unique sound, but feel free to alter it as you see fit. If you read music or understand the theory, you’ll notice that in 2 different octaves I use a similar idea – that is the movement from the minor 3rd (D) to the major 3rd (D#) which is very typical in bluesy playing. Enjoy!

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