Where is the Web Going?

Seth Godin, a popular blogger, said recently that the internet is the first mass medium that isn’t supported by ads. The Net is for us, the people, to fulfill our needs, not to satisfy the large corporations. Most corporations ask how the latest social networking trend can benefit them. They try to figure out how to put ads on YouTube videos, on websites, in social networks for example. He says that businesses should instead ask “how are people (the people I need to reach, interact with and tell stories to) going to use this new power and how can I help them achieve their goals?”.

This brings up the questions, ‘Where is the web going?’ or ‘What is the web for?’. I believe that the internet is heading towards a highly interactive and entertaining environment for learning. Right now we have each component individually for the most part:

  • interactivity via social networking, chat software, skype, etc
  • entertainment via watching videos, listening to songs
  • learning via reading websites, PDF files, watching videos, listening to audio files, ordering books

Imagine the power of truly combining all 3 components!

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