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There are now forums for discussing the courses. Come join the community. Don’t be shy, post a question, comment or get to know other members.

Some of the latest additions:

The courses are in the top navigation menu. When you click on the course link, you will be taken to the course page and on the right menu, you will also be shown the lessons underneath each course (if you have access to them)

While you’re free to view any lesson you’d like, the key courses have been set up for you to follow a step-by-step approach. In the How to Solo 101 course, there is an introductory lesson on chord tone soloing, which is the key concept to learn how to solo. With Fretboard Mastery 101 you will learn the 5 basic shapes that will enable you to play anywhere on the fretboard. Then you start to practice within each shape, things such as intervals, triads, and sequences. Remember, there is no rush and part of our philosophy is to master one thing at time before going on. Take it from us, if you’re not familiar with the 5 shapes you might want to spend a few months practising them in the key of C major than some other keys to make sure it’s solid in your mind.

For scales go to the Guitar Scales Course. If you’re into jazz solo guitar check out the Jazz Chord Melody Course.

For each topic in Fretboard Mastery 101 there is a corresponding topic in How To Solo 101 for practical application. For example after you get the 5 shapes down, you can move to the 5 shapes improvisation topic in the How to Solo 101 course.

If you don’t know much theory, check out our Music Theory 101 course. Or you can check it out whenever you don’t understand something in the other courses.

Lacking technique? No worries, head to the Guitar Technique 101 course.

Of course you can always check out the courses in the Menu at the top of the website or go here for the list of Courses.

If you have questions about a topic, don’t ‘fret’ (ouch). Instead send me a message or post something on the Facebook fan page.

Here is a Where To Start guide for you to download.